David Hume's Influence On The Western Way Of Thinking

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Throughout history, hundreds of philosophers have all come up with their own method of thinking that has had a great impact on philosophy, eastern and western, and the way that we continue to view the world today. One of these many philosophers went by the name of David Hume. David Hume is of Scottish decent and lived during the eighteenth century. He had a huge impact on the western way of thinking during the eighteenth century. His way of thinking was immensely influential on the subject of utilitarianism, the philosophy of science and sensationalism. David Hume was born April 26th, 1711 to a poor Scottish family who lived in the northern area of Edinburgh, Scotland. His childhood didn’t last very long as he enrolled in college at the ripe…show more content…
I concur that our encounters and responses to the sentiments we get in our ordinary day to day lives. For instance on the off change that you have a negative involvement with an event congregation, the majority of the cynicism that you encountered there will inundate your contemplations when the point of event congregations comes up in discussion. The issue of induction is an extraordinary apparatus in understanding the way individuals think and Hume was important in creating this hypothesis. While I comprehend his view on inductive thinking, I am significantly less slanted to concur with it. This is on account of being the pragmatist that I am. I don’t feel as if a stone acts differently when looked at versus when I’m not observing it. Moreover, if the idea of the universe has remained steady throughout human history, I don’t perceive any reasoning Hume could say that would stop it from continuing in the same manner. In conclusion, David Hume held an important role in western philosophy during the eighteenth century. His creation of the Problem of Induction as well as Inductive Reasoning have become instrumental in the learning of philosophy to this day. Without Hume’s thinking, there would be an abundantly less comprehension of the impact of impression on thinking and how that influences us

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