David Jolley: A Concert Analysis

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On October 5th, in Founders hall of SFC, David Jolley and Martha Locker performed a concert using the French Horn and piano. David Jolley grew up in California and been “performing all over the world”. He has been working together with different groups and some of his work are meaningful. Jolley instrument, the French horn, he explained to the crowd that 100 of years ago the horn was once called the hand horn because people would use their hands to make different sounds. The French horn is a ‘brass instrument made of tubing wrapped into a coil with a flared bell”. This was very interesting to me because I love music and I never thought about the French horn. I was very amazed on how Jolley was really dedicated to playing his French horn. As…show more content…
He told us that the poem reminds him of his uncle because his uncle would be outside looking up the sky and be amazed that God is around us. In this poem, he mentioned “a Palestrina chorus”, this remind of one of the composers I have study in class. In the Renaissances of 1450 through 1600, Giovanni Pierligui da Palestrina (1525-1594) is one of the composers. Giovanni music “Pope Marcellus Mass” is what Jolley probably met in his poem “morning birds”. This poem reflects to Giovanni because they both are polyphonic; it was many sound together. In my perspective, this relates to the poetry because in the poem, it talks about the outside, the feeling of the weather and hearing the birds and just being amazed that God had created all of this and is around me. While Jolley was performing, he would read the poetry and make different tones of it. I was stunned to hear such great different pitches of the French horn and how he would relate it to the poetry. Attending this concert was a great experience because it was different. This is something you don’t hear daily and it was delightful, especially seeing how David Jolley was
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