Gecko Tams Reflection

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“It is my hope that these pieces have helped make your life a little happier and healthier.” After I closed the book, I started to reflect on this quote. Before reading “World Peace, a Blind Wife, and Gecko Tails,” by David Khorram, I was always uncertain of the extent to which I could live a happier life. I had always believed that living happily meant reaching for an inaccessible spiritual and material well-being; being happy was impossible. This thinking had led me to live a life of sorrow and grief. If happiness was unattainable, I had no means of chasing it. However, while reading this book, the author taught me otherwise. Combined with humorous, inspirational, and uplifting stories, Dr. David Khorram allowed me to view the positive side…show more content…
Khorram, I was also intrigued by another important concept that would contribute to happiness. This concept was found in “A First Essential for Peaceful Relationships.” Again, happiness was attainable only when we start to stray our focus away from the faults of others. According to Khorram, “It’s fair to say that you will never be happy as long as you dwell on the faults of others” (55). Although it may become a natural tendency, focusing on the flaws of others is detrimental towards our happiness. I will relate this notion back to my experience with friends. Most often, I get caught in a conflict with some friends, whether it be an argument or misunderstanding. However, it would always be difficult to resolve this argument because of my self-pride. This is my way of thinking: I will and always be right. I always link the argument back to my friends and how much of it was their fault; I focus so much on what they did or could’ve done. I never focused on what I did or could’ve done to prevent or solve the argument. While this had become normal, it wasn’t until now that I realized how much damaging this was towards my social relationships. While I lost so many important people in my life, it was my innate predisposition to focus on others’ faults that was to
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