David Kolb's Experiential Learning Model Of Reflection

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I have chosen to use David Kolb 's experiential learning model of reflection (McLeod, 2010), because I feel it is the best model for me to reflect on my personal experience of moving house.
I lived with my parents for the last 20 years and we had always lived in the same house, so I had never experienced the transaction of moving before. In may 2014 my partner and I decided to purchase our first house. We began to search for a property, when we found our perfect one we arranged a viewing for June. After viewing the property, we wanted to ensure it was suitable for us financially so we visited our mortgage advisor. After a successful meeting we made our decision and we decided to make an offer on the property. On the 31st July we made an offer
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Firstly I feel that it was the emotions of being a first time buyer and not experiencing the transition of a move before . I was unaware of the process of buying a house, the amount of time it can take and the complications that may arouse. As studies show the experience of moving house can be a stressful time, different elements such as; separation from family, moving to a different area and the unknown surroundings are a few reasons it is stressful (Raviv et al, 1990). Another problem was time management. Time management needs to be planned successfully in order to hit deadlines, plans should be considered and built in so if a problem occurs it can be rectified and the deadline can still be hit (Forsyth, 2013). This is what the sellers solicitor did not prepare for, we were given the date of the 31st October however they did not manage their time correctly, as a week before we were due to exchange the searches had not been received. When it comes to deadlines it is better to be realistic and honest. The reason we had three deadlines was due to solicitors not being honest, they were aware it would not be possible to achieve the first two deadlines. Lastly the main factor that affected my experience was poor communication skills. For information to be passed on correctly it needs to be communicated well between the different agents involved. This is to ensure that it is understood and that everyone has taken the information in the same context. In my experience communication was not effective. When I contacted solicitors and estate agents neither had the same information. Due to poor communication neither parties were clear on what was

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