Alzheimer's Book Report

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“Alzheimer's caregivers ride the world's biggest, fastest, scariest, emotional roller coaster every day” (DeMarco, Bob). According to David L. Carroll When Your Loved Ones Has Alzheimer’s: A Caregiver’s Guide, a very heartfelt guide that offers methods of providing care to loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. It shows caregivers how to best look after their own emotional needs in the face of the many problems and responsibilities that beset them (Carroll, David). Carroll is an American author and illustrator. He has been awarded for MacArthur Fellowship, as well as, being nominated for National Book Award for Nonfiction and therefore, he is recognized as one of the top nonfiction authors in the US and Canada. Carroll is also…show more content…
He uses bullet points to indicate what needs to be done in a certain situation, which is very useful for people who don’t like to read as the purpose has been covered in one key point. For instance, in part 2 he talks about communication and how you should talk with an Alzheimer patient and in the bullet point he states “Don’t be afraid to be directive and controlling. Words such as no and don’t should be very much a part of your daily vocabulary” (Carroll 169). Other than that, some subtopics include a list of questions correlating to the topic, which is helpful to the care giver as it tells the reader the questions they should be asking themselves. For an example, “does the person still know how to use the toilet or does he or she need reminding” (Carroll 81). As a result, this style works well in this book as it grabs the reader’s attention toward the main points and it gets the message across to the…show more content…
As well as, even though the inventory style used in the book made it easy to understand and too follow, Carroll choose to list different topics together making it confusing and boring to read. Overall, I would recommend this book to people who know someone with Alzheimer as it is a care guide and very informative. However, acknowledge there are obvious drawbacks in the
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