David Link Silar: A Short Story

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You never know when your time comes. Even as a doctor, Mr. Link had regular checkups and was hypochondria. Thinking he had every disease in the book with just minor symptoms. Things in life were never taken for granted by David Link Silar. He was known for many things; great things. However, these were the most influential. Mr. Link was a friend, a doctor, father, and husband. No matter if he was down the road or many states away, Link kept in contact with people. Most of it was through Facebook, but it was more convenient for him. People looked forward to him posting something about the kids, a random rant, funny picture, or something on his mind. After he passed, I was surprised to see the amount of people he kept in contact with throughout the years. Even a few of his buddies from high school and college mentioned they still talked on a daily or monthly basis. As a doctor, he had tales about his patients. Even if he considered some to be “dumbasses.” Link was an ENT, doctor of…show more content…
I believe they were very fortunate of having Link as a father. Right before he passed, he made a proposition with Nate that if he made all A’s for the semester, he would buy him a puppy. That was accomplished and now Nate has a French Bull puppy that chews on everything. Avery, on the other hand, was a daddy’s little girl. She always had a way of getting her way with Link. Saying things like “Please dad. For your only daughter that makes A’s and never gets into trouble.” Link was definitely a great father. Lastly, as a husband, he treated Mrs. Joyce as his queen. Every birthday or Mother’s Day, Ruffino’s for dinner and wine. Mrs. Joyce often got her way. The saying “Happy wife; Happy life” definitely served its purpose in that marriage. From horses, cars, or just shopping trips, Mrs. Joyce was always the light in his eyes. Link will be forever loved and missed but our memories with him will always be

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