David Logan Scholarship Analysis

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Many students find that a difficult course load and after school activities are difficult to balance. However, student athletes perform the amazing task of combining the two. This feat involves staying up late to finish assignments after already completing a hard workout. I believe that I should receive the David Logan Scholarship because I am a competitor in the classroom and on the field. The majority of students would never consider putting themselves through a course load consisting of Advance Placement and honors classes. Even fewer would push themselves to achieve straight “A’s”. However, I decided that this type of course load was necessary to become one of the best. I wanted to take classes that my peers would refuse to take. I even …show more content…

As runners, we like to point out that although the school may overlook us we participate in one of the most challenging sports. Running requires extreme physical exertion over long periods, while challenge the runner mentally. The only downside to running is that after accomplishing one goal a new goal arises. Over the duration of my freshmen cross-country season, I went from being last on junior varsity to earning a varsity letter. The following season I wanted to accomplish the feat of running under twenty minutes for a five-kilometer race. With the help of my teammate of accomplished that goal, only to challenge my team to running in the seventeens. The following year we were able to achieve not only seventeens, but we became the first team from our school to go to a state championship. Even after all of this wanted to continue challenging myself. I started running half marathons and went from almost winning my age division to placing third overall. I even wanted to prove that I was one of the best runners in the school, so I went and broke the two-mile record. I believe that I should be selected for the David Logan Scholarship because I have worked to become the best in both the classroom and on the field. I have always tried to be the best at what I do, and it is this drive that has pushed be to become both a competitive student and athlete. I strive to follow Steve Prefontaine’s words that, “To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift”, whether the gift is academic or

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