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In David Masci article we are introduced to the theory of how racial discrimination is alive in the workforce. The article begins with a specific example, an African American women who has worked hard to advance in her employment but is held back simply because of the color of her skin. Masci’s claims and arguments are supported thoroughly with actual statistics and examples from modern society. Through his use of pathos, logos, and ethos Masci is able to structure a feeling of action, in order to recognize differences among black employees, and the amount of extra work is needed from them to advance to a position that is still held my limitations of white supremacy in America. “Discrimination still exist even if it is masked well” (7), Masci leaves no confusion to his readers it is clear and problematic that issues that black people face in the workplace are hidden to not be recognized but instead restricted by higher power and who can take those positions. He uses emotion as a great way to show the reality of black workers in America, “I got tired of people telling me in a subtle and sometimes overt ways that I would never do better than I had because of my race (3). By providing direct commentary from real-life black workers, Masic connects…show more content…
“There are other ways that you can give back to the community” his audience is not at all limited to just black people but instead everyone. Who is the author speaking to? Macsi opens up his article to all races and all supports he does this by saying that you do not need to be in direct relation with black middle class workers in order to create change. The article brings in ethos with the use of many creditable workers, and researchers who deal with racial discrimination and affirmative acion programs. Their voice is heard through Macsi
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