David Miller Character Analysis

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The Reeve- Osama Bin Laden (Ex-CIA, Terroriorist) Although the Reeve wasn't responsible for thousands innocent deaths Bin Laden and the Reeve share the same type of power and status. Both have the power to punish and even kill people, they are feared, carry around old weapons (rusty blade and a AK-47), and have plenty of wealth from corrupt business. On the journey Bin Laden is always trying to find weakness and any personal things that he can use against the other characters. The Summoner- Bruce Jenner (Celebrity) Threw his recent change Bruce Jenner acquired some traits that relate him to the Summoner. Both have knowledge about other peoples personal conflicts that he can use against them, they both like to talk about their lives, and they both hold higher careers many people wonder how they got there. On the way to LA Bruce entitles himself to things, and also lectures about his life and expects everyone to be quite and listen. (Doesn’t act on criticism he receives)…show more content…
Although the Pardoner didn't have anything to do with drug dealing into todays society drug smuggling is heavily frowned upon. Also both characters use fake situations for their own gain. David is not heard from much on the trip but it suppose the guy to go to if you need anything you can’t legally
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