David Nickels: A Short Story

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There was a kid named David Nickels. He was a bully who is 12 years old .He is good at mostly sports. There was a kid named Timmy Richards 11 years old comes out of nowhere David hits him.There is a lot of blood. I remember him saying that’s what you get wimp. I said i’m done with this, i 'm sick of getting bullied.He went home and told his mom,his mom said why are you so bloody.David beat me up again.That stupid bully,wait let me fix you up there better. It still hurts and stings .I 'm calling his parents .Mrs Nickels hi your son david beat my son up.Wait who is this, Timmy Richards parents.wait my son beat your son up .Yes he did i will send you a picture . David get over here and apologize for what you you are grounded for 3 months.I am not sorry.David why are you so mean.Because your a little midget.Mom talk to David.If you put your mom on that phone you are dead meat small face.okay mommm.David this is what you get you are dead plump face.David I will…show more content…
If you touch my child you are dead and I heard that talk you had with him.That’s not going to gonna happen.I’ll be watching you David Nickels I’ll be watching you. 2 weeks later he saw me in a alley and thought my mom was not going to see me but she did and stopped him from beating me up.He got in trouble. You are in for a heck of a whippin.Here is your son. He tried to beat up me up.DAVID NICKELS! Why do you bully people. Because I can shorty. Shut up. Leave me alone. Timmy punched him in the face.You woke up Tony. Hi mommy.Where my bottle.Who dat .I hungry. I want wawa. I want cookie.Do you have anything eat.You ain’t getting anything. Maybe you have no food because you ate it all fatty.What did you call me short stop.No fighting I scared mommy.Why do you bully people.Fine do you really want to know yeah.When I was a kid my dad beat me up.He cheated on my mom and got another girlfriend.He was a bad dad. Mommy I go sleep now.Hey David want to be friends.No I do not want to be friends with a Short
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