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What is an actual hero? The word hero is similar to a metaphor, meaning it has many meaning depending on who you ask. Most of the time the answer has something to deal with a super hero, something nonfiction, or when it is fiction it is someone rich and famous. Although, no all the time does it mean that a person saved someone or someone had a dramatic imprint on the world, creating a life changing event. A hero can simply be someone who went through life, through difficult obstacles, never giving up, showing an example of bravery and loyalty. The person that comes to mind when I think of these traits, is a man named David Pelzer. Bravery is a type of mental and physical state in which is demonstrated. Pelzer is a man who had a very traumatic…show more content…
At a small age is when David began to be abused by his mother, up to the age of 12, when he was finally taken away by Child Protective Services and put into the Foster Care system. Though through the years of being abused, David never once did he ever talk back, not do what he was told or anything along those lines. He also never spoke up to anyone about what he was having to deal with at home. Though years later he did share his story with the world writing books about his childhood life, has even gone had public appearances which he shared his story. Allowing people to relive childhood, as if they were walking in his shoes. Also, David continues to show his trait of bravery after being abused, because life in the Foster Care system was also a very difficult journey for David as well. David many not be your ordinary hero, but it is 2017. We need to stop living in the past and look at the present. Prove to people that a hero can be inspiring, and give hope to those who are facing their own obstacles in life. We need to show the world that not all heroes were caps and save the world, we should be allowed to teach the younger generation can be ordinary, like you and I, facing real world problems and still be a

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