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Shelby Gonzalez born in daly city (california) - parents are stephen pelzer & catherine pelzer : parents are both alcoholics catherine pelzer enjoyed torturing david & constantly abused him from [age 5-12] dave was the second child out of five child called it: pg.3 david overtime figured out ways to get chores done to get dinner - also every time he falls down he gets right back up pg.4 davids “mom loves to use food as a weapon” he found certain techniques to survive and eat at the end of the day/ does not care about how many times she hits him or what she does to him as long as he gets food ( food = survival) pg.8 davids principle: mr. hansen; mr. hansen lifts davids chin and david can not make eye contact - because afraid and ashamed of lifestyle principles call home= davids results of moms beatings next day= mr. hansen never called home again= started to look into what was going on at pelzers home= soon david pelzer rescue pg.30 by …show more content…

hope has faded away, david became a robot showing no emoiton but inside was fighting between fear and anger/ at night no longer dreamed/ the words hope and faith just became words with no meanings/didnt care if he was beaten.. eating was his only survival and ate whenever he could pg.135 david finally= family slave by summer 1972.. brothers treated him as one he became the hitting magnet and dad lost faith in david because david had to be on mothers side because she was the one who fed him pg.136 hate was all that was left in david, he hated himself more than anything; he felt its his fault because he let it go on.. and let it go on for so long every beating or starvation was all one just big game to catherine, it brought her joyment and somehow never felt guilty.. even stabbing him; no guilt pg.75 after all kids were asleep david was called to drink ammonia, david non educated did not think this was bad so drank it.. seconds later fell to the ground reaching for

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