David Reimer: Summary And Contradictive Experiments

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The story of David Reimer is one of the most extraordinary and contradictive experiments. In August 1965 Janet Reimer gave birth to her twins Bruce and Brian in a small Canadian town of Winipeg. By the time these boys reached to ages of two their lives would be suddenly changed and became a part of this still crucial experiment. For many years scientist had believed that even our X and Y chromosomes and our hormones physically determine if one is a male or female, they do not form our minds. Scientist defend what determines our gender identity is our upbringing which sticks up for nurture not nature.(video) Janet Reimer has grown by wishing she had identical twin. She was so pleased when she gave birth to her twin boys Bruce and Brain…show more content…
In the children’s most terrfying memory, Dr.Money put children into sex positions and made Brian place his crotch against Brenda’s buttocks.He would call this sexual rehearsal play.( https://www.theguardian.com/books/2004/may/12/scienceandnature.gender) In 1972 Dr.Money gave a speech about this success to American Assn. for the Advancement of Science in Washington, D.C.,and he released his book "Man & Woman, Boy & Girl," in the same day.(article.la) The case of Brenda was written in textbooks about psychiatry,sexuality and pediatrics as en avidence that anatomy does not necessarily determines our gender.Nurture had surpassed nature.Dr.Money’s claims provided strong backing for ones searching social and medical cure for gender-based diseases. What was not reported until years later was that however Dr.Money’s experiment was actually providing evidence against to his views.
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