David Sedaris Contact Analysis

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Unlike David Sedaris who has been “abused” by his French teacher, all my English teachers are so nice to me. They neither judge me when I made mistakes nor corner me when I said something really wrong. But still, learning the foreign language is difficult, no matter to who. Here, I want to share one of the stories of my personal experience with you. On the third year of my university, I was chosen by a professor of Carnegie Mellon University to perform a broadway show in China. The show’s name is ‘Contact’. ‘Contact’ is produced on Broadway 50 years ago, and it is significant in broadway’s history. Because unlike other broadway shows, ‘Contact’ only made up of several kinds of dances, but no singing. What’s more, it would be the first…show more content…
I was so tired of doing two things together. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I would call my mom and cry. “I don 't want to do this anymore! I 'm exhausted, I barely have time to take a rest. I go to school everyday, and use every weekend to practice the show. In addition, I need to prepare my TOEFL exam. How can I finish all of these within the same time, it’s impossible!” “Be strong.” my mom said. “Finish what you start, finish what you chose.” I listened and made my mind. I still showed up in classes everyday, participated in each rehearsal. Then I study English by myself as long as I have time. It was no need to say that how painful it was during this process, I fell to sleep several times and felt I would become crazy. Finally, I succeed. The performance went well, tickets sold out quicker than we first thought even the mayor came to see the show. What’s more, I passed the exam. Until Now, I still feel grateful for what I have been through. I have learned a lot from this painful process. This experience gives me a valuable lesson about how should I do when I facing the difficulties. Believing that I have the strength to do whatever I want to do and if I really push myself to go for it, in the end, I’ll succeed. Just like my mom said, finish what you start, finish what you
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