David Suzuki Speech Analysis

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Good evening ladies and gentlemen, tonight I am here to speak about David Suzuki. Suzuki is an environmental activist, who studied at the University of Chicago. He began his life in the year of 1936, he successfully wrote many books, and won three Gemini awards between 1986 and 1997. One of his most notable works is The True Cost of Gadgets. Tonight I bring to you Suzuki’s ideas and how they can be challenged and represent a new idea.I will speak about three main points throughout the entirety of the night. My first point is how technology is potentially lifesaving. My second point is that though there are few, some can live without gadgets. My third and final point of the night will be about how we can thank technology for helping to build the world we live in today. Let’s start by getting into the 1st point of tonight’s speech. David Suzuki writes the idea that technology…show more content…
In the true cost of gadgets Suzuki state “we can thank the engineers and scientists who did the technical work. We can thank the leaders who had the political courage to stand up to nay-saying industrial groups industrial groups. But thank technology? Sorry wrong hero”. This statement represents the idea that technology wasn’t the one to make the world what it is today. Sorry Suzuki but I think you’re wrong. Without today’s technology trading goods would be much harder. Communication between continents would be almost impossible. Without our modern day technology we wouldn’t have cars or even electricity for that matter, we wouldn’t have the ability to fly across the world or use lifesaving technology on a person who is near death. So Suzuki I don’t know how you can say that technology is not a hero, because if you look at all the amazing things technology has allowed us to use and do, I would say that technology is a hero and we wouldn’t be where we are today without
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