David Zinczenko's Don T Blame The Eater

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It is common knowledge that fast food franchises don’t exactly serve “healthy” food. One does not drive to the nearest McDonald’s if he or she is in search of a health-benefiting and low-calorie meal. David Zinczenko’s essay titled “Don’t Blame the Eater” discusses how people should not be criticized for blaming the fast food businesses for the fact that they have gained weight and become unhealthy after routinely consuming the products of these businesses. While his paper may be well-written, it has one major flaw. Fast food is unhealthy, and no amount of arguing, suing, or nutritional information is going to change that common knowledge. Zinczenko’s argument is largely made on the basis that, for many young kids and teens, fast food is one of the only affordable options. He discusses his personal experiences with this issue along with those who…show more content…
Zinczenko’s first point is polluted with fallacies and wrong information, and his second point is no different. He states that people don’t always read the fine print during a part of his argument, and that right there actually defeats the purpose of making the argument in the first place. He said that the people don’t pay attention; even if the restaurant supplies them with nutritional information, they don’t always feel compelled to read it thoroughly. Therefore, it’s not the company’s fault for making them unhealthy: it’s their own. Additionally, most people that desire to eat healthy will take the time to read even the fine print and follow or at least acknowledge it when dining. Yes, some of the nutritional standards are often ridiculous, but one who wishes to use the information given and follow it will read the labels no matter what. It seems a tad reprehensible for one to sue a business simply because he or she did not take the time to request or read the information given to
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