David Zuckerman Rhetorical Analysis

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Rhetorical Analysis of David Zuckerman (Second Draft) It is a gripping time in today’s America, as now is the time to decide the people who are going to run this country. In many people's eyes the stakes are particularly high, as political leaders in today's election specifically have vastly different ideas. This is mostly due to the candidates running for president, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. There have been many past candidates that had the chance of becoming president, one of the more prominent ones being Bernie Sanders. Ever since Sanders came around, he has created a very big follower base, this is especially true here in Vermont. However, since he lost many people are looking elsewhere to find someone similar to him. Probably the most prominent person running for office behind Sanders here in Vermont, is David Zuckerman. Zuckerman being a candidate for Lieutenant Governor, has always been a very big and open Bernie supporter. There are many instances where he always talks how he is always trying to take after Sanders, and one of his mottos is “Bernie Approved”. Having said all of this, it is utterly obvious for most people to realize that he is considered a democrat with very progressive ideas. This…show more content…
This saying especially stays true in looking at what he has to offer. He really mixes the old with the new in having things such as GMO regulations with organic farms, while having progressive ideas like Bernie Sanders. Those progressive ideas being end of life choice, recreational marijuana legalization, boosting wages, among others. Although he is a popular vote, for many people his progressive ideas are a bit too far. His topics that he covers always goes back to the idea that humans can choose how they live their lives. The progressive ideas, and preservation of Vermont values that David Zuckerman believes in keeps him at the top of his game, in a rhetorical
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