Davidson Day Hhigh School Case Study

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Four years ago I made a decision to attend Davidson Day HIgh School (DDS). I was choosing between two schools in the area. I made a list of positive/negatives with each school, then waited for some sort of sign. I went to the Charlotte Knights Baseball game, that’s when it became obvious what to do. You could say it was a coincidence or simply ironic... while watching the next player walk up to bat, on the back of his shirt read “Davidson 22,” my lucky number and the name of my prospective school. He then proceeded to hit a homerun. Now realistically the positives outweighed the negatives but it was a moment I felt was my personal sign of affirmation to attend DDS. Here I am today in a similar situation, making a decision on where to attend…show more content…
My positive list was full. I really want to be at a thriving University that is growing and expanding technology. ASU offers an study abroad program, something I want to do. There’s clubs to go with your majors, athletic clubs, outdoor recreation, volunteer activities... the list in endless. ASU has strong majors that will help me be prepared for the future after college. The Nutrition and Foods (BS) gives two options for concentrations. This choice helps you to focus on your passion. ASU has hands on experiences. A learning style I feel is the best way to test yourself by being in real situations. I can extend what I learn at ASU outside the campus. This approach plays in my favor because I like how ASU works locally with their community. I understand it will be challenging at ASU, but with a support system in place on campus, help is available. For example, there is a writing lab, technology support, career exploration and a counseling center. Most importantly, college professors are available to help and share their experiences with me. If given the opportunity to be a student at Appalachian State University, I will bring the same friendly attitude I received when I took my campus tour of ASU. On campus, I will be the one wearing ASU t-shirts, working with a study group or exercising in the Recreation Center. Of course this is just the start of what ASU has to offer, my list of positive qualities
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