Davy Crockett Research Paper

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During the early 1800’s America was smaller than it is now with only thirteen colonies, and after Thomas Jefferson just making a huge land purchase, called the Louisiana purchase, there was considerable land to explore. Davy Crockett was a very brave and confident man, who was brave enough to explore the wild frontier and make friends with Native Americans. Because of Crockett 's determination, he helped form a county in Tennessee called Lawrence County, was elected a senator in the House of Representatives, and fought in the war of the Alamo to help Texas achieve their freedom. Since Crockett helped Texas secure their freedom, by fighting in the war against the Alamo, U.S. citizens can now live in Texas without being under the rule of Mexico.…show more content…
Davy Crockett took a lot of responsibility for taking care of his brothers and sisters when his parents were out working at the gristmill they owned. Crockett also had to take care of his animals and livestock since his parents were out all the time (Hasday). When Crockett became older, he started developing hobbies, and one of them was hunting. At the age of thirteen Davy Crockett wanted to go hunting every single day because he thought it was so fun. Unfortunately, his parents did not have enough money for him to waste twenty shots of rounds every day. Instead of giving him twenty rounds, his dad only gave him one round every day for dinner. Most of the time Crockett was successful, and he had shot something, but very rarely did he not come home with anything and starve (Mancall). Because of Crockett’s young adventures as a kid, he could tell tale tales to everyone in the land which showed him as stronger, smarter, and a better shot than anyone in the land. Later in Davy Crockett’s life he was elected as a congressman and then received the nickname “ the Coonskin Congressman” because in his tales he wore a coonskin hat (Wickersham). Lastly, Crockett took part in many of small battles because he felt everyone should be equal and everything should be fair (Hasday). Most adults in…show more content…
Davy Crockett was the main person who had founded the county and land, so the residents of Lawrence County only thought it was right to make him the first justice of the peace. In his job, he would oversee the setting of disputes that ranged from quarrels between couples to unpaid debts. More serious offenses, like stealing a cow from a herd, required more than just a fine (Alphin). The residents of Lawrence County also thought that since Crockett found the land, there should be a memorial of him there, that tourists and residents see every day. To this day you can go to Lawrence County, Tennessee to see the memorial of Davy Crockett (Hasday). Most of the tourists that decide to go to Lawrence County, Tennessee, ask why Crockett named it this. The answer is very simple. Crockett decided to name the county this because of the small river that runs nearby where he settled next to about a year before this county was established (Mancall). Lastly, another main question tourists ask about Lawrence County, is why did Crockett decide to settle there. The main reason is because he wanted to start a powder mill, gristmill, and distillery, and it was a perfect place to do it. In 1817 Davy Crockett moved from North Carolina to Tennessee to start a new life (Wickersham). This achievement of Crockett’s was very big but most adults in the world do not know what came next in his
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