Davy Jones Locker Lab Report

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Name: Ruci Tabaleka USP ID#: s11109634 Date Sub.: 11/08/15 Lab#: 2
Title: Davy Jones Locker
 To conduct an investigation about the density of water that could explain the layers present in the ocean including the myth of Davis Jones’s locker.
The ocean covers approximately 71% of the earth’s surface and is arranged into three different layers namely the surface layer, mixed layer in the middle and bottom layer. The surface layer is warm and is less dense compared to the other two layers. The middle layer is known to be the transitional layer because it is where the density of water changes with depth and finally, the bottom layer is very cold, salty and the densest water in the ocean. The variables that can affect sea water’s density are the salinity (amount of dissolved salt) and temperature. As the salinity increases, the density of water also increases whereas when the temperature increases, the density of water decreases. Therefore, the buoyancy of an object on the water would depend on the water’s density and temperature including pressure.
 500mL Beakers (3
 1L Measuring cylinder with end cap (1)
 Funnel with a tube
 Vials (4) with stoppers
 Lace pins
 Ice
 Salt
 Tap water
 Hot water
 Dye ( blue, green and red)
Three beakers were labelled and filled according to the following:
 Beaker 1 - Ice Cold Water: The beaker was half-filled with tap water and ice was added to chill it. Salt

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