Dawn And Men In The Sun Analysis

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Trauma in Dawn and Men in the Sun. The theme of trauma is addressed differently b y the authors of Men In The Sun and Dawn , though there have a few similarities , Gahssan Kanafani in Men In The Sun gives the readers a detailed description of not only the social realities , but the political and human ones as well that characterize the basic lives of the Palestinian people during a critical point in their history when the structure of their existence, as well as the traditional order have been significantly altered by the regional as well as international events .The author describes trauma by showing the struggles and hardships that are undergone by Abu Qais , Marwan and Assa who are all in the quest for a better life . Similarly, in Dawn, Elsie describes the wait of two men for a murder that is scheduled to take place in Dawn. One of the men is an English officer that has been captured . The other, the protagonist of the story is Elisha, a freedom fighter who had been assigned the…show more content…
In men of the sun, the author explains that Abul has been traumatized after being captured by the enemy and was both physically and literally ripped off his manhood . Abul attests to this when he explains why he is not married . As a result of the loss of his manhood as he was fighting for his homeland,he tries to give the travelling men an opportunity with the hope of gratifying his lost dignity (Wiesle,30).Similarly in Dawn, Elisha gives a recount of the trauma that he face in the years after the second world war , as the Palestinian terrorists tried to drive the British colonialists out . This partly explains why Elisha joins the Jewish militants and is assigned the duty of executing the British officer. The two authors bring out the trauma that was undergone by the characters in their quest for
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