Dawson Family Case

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It has been really hard for Mr. Dawson since the time that dreadful road accident. Just like any other day, he was driving back to home after grocery shopping. The accident not only just left him bed-ridden for months, but it also brought a very difficult time for him and his family. The Dawson family has to deal with the huge healthcare bills and bear the cost of the ongoing care for Mr. Dawson. Due to severe trauma on his spine, he has still difficulty in walking without crutches. Even after six years, there are times when this family feels the pain and pressure of the life changes after that horrific accident. There are many such individuals and families who face similar situations every year. A data research on road accidents reveal that more than 6 million traffic accidents occur in our nation annually. Those who have been in an accident, they might have experienced the shock, after-incident trauma, physical discomfort and post-trauma stress for a longer period of time. The victim alone is not the sufferer. His family and loved ones too have to go through the trouble and difficulty after the accident. Most people who have been in an accident have partial or permanent depression too. The negative feeling can…show more content…
If the victim’s case falls under the category of personal injury, he or she can file a claim by taking help from an experienced personal injury attorney. The first thing a personal injury attorney does is documenting emotional distress. If the victim is likely to seek medical treatment for the physical distress caused due to the accident, then the attorney can help you file the claim. The injury claim includes both physical and psychological symptoms that the victim is experiencing after the trauma. By medically documenting the emotional and physical distress, the personal injury attorney can help you with both lawsuits and claims as per the state
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