Daxter Miles Jr.-Personal Narrative Analysis

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va.--In Saturday 's win over Morgan State, Daxter Miles Jr. tallied a career-high 32 points on 12-of-15 shooting. He had three assists, two rebounds and one steal in West Virginia 's 111-48 win over the Bears. Earlier in the week the senior racked up 20 points against American. In both games, Miles looked locked in, especially with his teammate and friend Jevon Carter. "Me and Jevon do whatever our coaches need us to do," Miles said. "If the scoring comes, it comes. It 's about rhythm. We started on the defensive end today. We got some stops and we got some easy fast break points. We were just clicking today. We work hard though." Throughout his career the 6-foot-3, 200-pound guard has shown moments of promise but has never…show more content…
You got to just have reps over and over and over. The ball didn 't feel right to me if I didn 't have it in my hands every day and I think a lot of guys are that way. You don 't have to kill yourself but you really need to go in and do some work on your mechanics and have the ball in your hand." Miles mind may be in the right place this season. "He 's focused," Carter said. "This is our last year. It 's all or nothing. He 's proving that he 's willing to give it all he got." The Baltimore, Maryland native has Carter as his right hand man. "That 's my guy. We came in together, we going out together," Carter said. "We 've been through it all." For four years, Carter and Miles battled together through the good and the bad. Their bond attributes to their success on the court. "We feed off each other," Carter said. "We just make sure we come to play. If we come to play, everything else should fall in line." Carter 's work ethic and success might even be rubbing off on Miles. "You play together for four years, you play against each other all summer and they lived together for two years, They kind of know what each others doing," Huggins said. "I always get great effort from JC defensively. This is the best Dax has been. He played

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