Day Care Center Observation

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It is recommended that a day care center should be established in the posh areas of Paragon City near Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore. It is quite a suitable location for this purpose as now many developments have took place over there. Many schools, restaurants and other facilities have opened up in that area. Many residents are shifting to those less populated areas because of their high development and high security planning. It would be ideal to open up a day care center in such a location where educated people are living. There is a high chance that educated working women will surely prefer to admit their child to day care centers that ensures their physical, social and emotional development. 3.2 Day care center requirement…show more content…
For this research, Quantitative study was used as it involved deduction. Hypotheses was formulated; the dependent and independent variables were identified which assisted in measurements of objectives. Data was collected by using close-ended questionnaires. 5.1 Research paradigm According to the requirements of research question, it was decided that it would be appropriate to choose the positivism approach as the philosophical assumption and research paradigm for the study. Besides this, the quantitative approach was used during this research. This study was based on the true reality and objectivity. Apart from the researcher’s perceptions, it involved the reality which exists within the nature. It was a cross sectional study with a quantitative method. 5.2 Sampling Plan According to this research design, there was a need to design a sampling plan first. In the quantitative approach, a sample was selected from the population. The main purpose behind developing a sampling plan was to follow a set procedure of selecting a sample, deciding the size of sample and then combining media as to how the survey shall be conducted. In this research, the survey method of using questionnaires was followed. For this purpose, the selected sample already had the basic knowledge of how to fill questionnaires honestly. Non-probability convenience sampling was used for this

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