Day Care Should Be Discouraged Analysis

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Child care. Is it a necessity for parents? Should day care be encouraged? Should it be discouraged? Karl Zinsmeister argues that day care should be discouraged in his argument entitled “Day Care Should Be Discouraged”. He believes that children and parents need to have strong connections. Parents need to have a strong connection with their children to be able to flourish in their role as parent. Zinsmeister says that parents need to stop giving excuses for sending their kids to day care everyday. Zinsmeister, although discouraging day care, says that child raising should be left to professionals. He also believes that daycare is acceptable only if parents use it in moderation. The article “Day Care Should Be Discouraged” by Karl Zinsmeister is not a sound article because the structure is not logical, he provides too many assumptions, and he does not provide much credibility. Structure The structure of Karl Zinsmeister’s argument is not logical. In his argument, Zinsmeister jumps around from topic to topic. All…show more content…
The flow of his argument has the potential to confuse readers, and as the author of an argument, the last thing Zinsmeister wants to do is confuse his readers. He wants people to be on his side, and the chances of that happening when they don't understand his argument are slim. Zinsmeister makes great points throughout his argument, but his inability to stay away from assumptions degrades the quality of his points. All of these great points are very well supported by Zinsmeister, including his opposing viewpoint paragraph. Day care is not for everyone, and if Zinsmeister truly wants to change the way people feel about day care, he will have to restructure the majority of his argument and find a way to fix his assumptions. With an illogical structure and assumptions, Zinsmeister's argument will likely discourage few people from day

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