Day Of Infamy Analysis

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A Critique on Walters Lords Day of Infamy

In reading through and examing the book Day of Infamy by author Walter lord it stands up as a decent but powerful and harrowing account of the attack on Pearl Harbor on december 7, 1941. The author does a really good job of documenting a blow by blow, minute by minute account of what really happened that day in Hawaii, the accounts of all the people who were there and lived through it on both sides the Navy men, Japanese fighter pilots, civillians living on the island, everybody who was there to see it to experence the fear and terror of that day. Though at times the author can drag on and get a little too much into detail at times, but overall
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the book starts off good in the begining, but reading a little bit into the first 50 or 60 pages it hits a dull spot, where the author goes into too much detail about random people on the island, goes into too much Army or Navy languege that at times might be over peoples heads and might be hard to follow. The only other fault with the book is that might have a feel of a post-war "greatest generation" mentality to it, so it might not have a modern propesctive on the subject, buts its understandable since the book was written in the early 1950 's. So in conclusion, Day of Infamy by does hold up as a definitive book about Pearl Harbor, because the author does have a genuine intrest about the subject that Walter Lord really wanted to get it right, make sure all sides were told in the story, to capture the true emotions of that day, and though at at times the author is a little long-wineded and dry at times in the book, the book does hold as a solid account of Pearl Harbor and anyone wanting to learn about the subject should read
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