Day Of The Dead Analysis

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The planet is full of different cultures all around the world, that make countries different from each other. In this case Ukraine and Mexico. But, after all are they really unlikely?
Mexico is a country locates in the continent of North America, neighbouring Belize, Guatemala and United States, it is considered the third largest country in Latin America after Brazil and Argentina.Mexican society is ethically and regionally diverse with a lot of cultures all depending on the area located. While Ukraine is a large country in Eastern Europe which is bordered by Russia. It is a nation with a lot of history, with many writers who have helped to create their literary history, also many monuments and museums which can be found in each city. Additionally,
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It starts from October 31st until November 2nd. November 2nd is the Day of the Dead by itself. During those days Mexican families decorate their houses with altars, photos of the dead along and “cempasúchil” flower known as “flower of the dead”. ()On the altar people put food that their dead relatives use to like, tequila,cigarettes and others, Mexicans believe that their relatives will come back to the live that night so, flowers are used to lead up the deceased to the house of their family to visit them.() People pay tribute of them by telling stories and visit their graves, people can stay all night in the cementary singing and dancing. () It is necessary to say that is a truly touching tradition. “Mexican culture sees death not as something to fear, and it shows in the way they celebrate the lives of those they have lost.”() Ukraine does not have a similar tradition like in Mexican culture but they have “Easter Day” also named “velykden” which is a religious and national holiday that celebrate the Jesus’ resurrection from death as it was told in Christian Bible, Ukrainan culture follow Orthodox Easter date which sometimes it is different from the date that others Christian churches determined. In this day Ukrainian families celebrate with an special meal which usually includes the “Paskha” (a kind of bread) and eggs painted. Usually families have to fill a basket with decorated eggs named as“Pysanky” which are believed to protect their home from evil spirits and go to the church to bless it.() Also there are many games that people play during this time one of them it is called “knocking” where two players who have one egg will try to break it and will

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