Latin American Culture Essay

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The planet is full of different cultures all around the world, that make countries different from each other. In this case Ukraine and Mexico. But, after all are they really unlikely?
Mexico is a country locates in the continent of North America, neighbouring Belize, Guatemala and United States, it is considered the third largest country in Latin America after Brazil and Argentina.Mexican society is ethically and regionally diverse with a lot of cultures all depending on the area located. While Ukraine is a large country in Eastern Europe which is bordered by Russia. It is a nation with a lot of history, with many writers who have helped to create their literary history, also many monuments and museums which can be found in each city. Additionally, the tradition of folk art is still being as important as in the past and still have a big impact.
The main point of this paper is comparing cultural differences that México and Ukraine have explaining why is México considered as the most
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The first point to compare between Mexico and Ukraine is the food, both of them use similar ingredients but the flavours are completely different. Mexican cuisine based on corn, such as tortillas and more than the half of the food is spicy, use a variety of chilies giving a distinctive flavor, (,2012) when the Spanish invaded Mexico, the Spanish explorer Hernan Cortez brought a new variety of meat such as chicken, pigs, cows, sheep and others and also was the one who introduce dairy products such as cheese , milk and many species that nowadays still taking an important part in Mexican cuisine even though it has Spanish origin, so, in other words Spain has a immense impact on the creation of Mexican food ()to illustrate this, “Enchiladas” is a good example which is a famous Mexican dish that consists of corn tortillas
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