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Day of the dead is a tradition that is in Mexico. It’s where everyone who beliefs in it get together and celebrate the ones who have died. The gates too Heaven open at 12 pm on October 31st. And the kids who have died get to be with there loved ones for 24 hours. And on November the adults that have died come down to celebrate. It use too be just Catholics but, eventually a lot of different religions decided too join.

Day of the dead is celebrated for 3 day’s. In the villages they decorate everything with flowers, and candles. The people have lots of food such as fruit, peanuts, turkey, and a bread that is called pan de muerto. For drinks they have soda, hot cocoa and water for the dead people that has came back too visit. On the day the adults come down they offer cigarettes and shots of alcohol. And there is a lot of art. Then later that day when the dead people go back too Heaven. People go clean the grave yard, the village band plays music, and everyone plays cards.
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It’s actually suppose to be celebrated for the dead too come see the alive people. And actually get to talk to them and do things with them. The demons would come out at this time and scared kids that’s why we dress up as scary people or things. Halloween use to be for groups of boys back then. Now it’s both girls and boys trick or treating and dressing up.

Halloween and Day of the Dead are alike because the dead comes alive on both event. they both celebrate with skeletons, food, drinks, and graveyard things. But Day of the Dead pays respect to the Dead, leaves flowers, and plants. Dresses up in the dead families clothes on the day. Halloween we just go to house to house getting candy now. Trick or treating started by little boys going and knocking on door to door asking for food. Halloween and Day of the Dead are a lot alike, but

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