Day Of The Dead In Mexico

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Just by looking at the name of this festival, what is your first impression? Creepy? Mysterious? Or frightening? Actually, it is the complete opposite. A religious festival blended with Aztec and Spanish beliefs, the Day of the Dead in Mexico is a holiday to celebrate and honor your dead families. During these days, it is believed that the dead souls would return to Earth and give advice to their families; in return, their families would honor the dead spirits with food and clean their graves. Children would learn to not fear death and cherish every moment they have now. A rich history is hidden behind the mysterious name of this festival. In 1519, Spanish conqueror Hernan Cortes led 500 conquistadors to Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec…show more content…
Mexicans arrange this festival through several ways, including decorating the graves, eating special­ shaped foods, and attending parades. Bakeries supply skull-­shaped bread and other sweets, while local shops provide related goods for the sacred days. Marigolds and other flowers are used to honor the dead, and Mexicans with colorful costumes take part in parades. Lopez (2015) commented that ‘it’s a day for families to remember their loved ones who are dead. They create altars in their homes with candles and flowers, and they also go visit their loved ones at the cemetery.’ From beautiful decorations to sugar skulls, we can tell just by the preparations that this festival means a lot to the people of Mexico. While death is a topic avoided by several countries, the Day of the Dead is a chance for people to revere their dead families and to be reminded that death can not be avoided. Families gather at the grave to light candles for the soul’s arrival, as they have the ability to guide the spirits home. On October 31th, people would wait for souls of deceased children. The families prepare hot chocolate, skull­-shaped cakes, and honey to welcome them. It is believed that when the candle lights flutter, the dead have eaten the food. The next day, November 1st, is when the adult spirits would arrive. Showing close resemblance with the day before, families would provide a traditional feast to honor their arrival. Finally, on the last day, November 2nd, it is the official Day of the Dead. During the day, souls would arrive on Earth to visit and give advice to their family members. On the final day, people would gather around graves and hold the final reunion, which are more cheerful than somber. Bottles of alcohol, baskets of skull­-shaped goodies and beautiful flowers would be ready along with festive chants of

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