Day Of The Dead Vs Halloween Essay

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Although Day of the Dead and Halloween seem similar on the surface, they are tremendously different due to their way of celebrating with foods, decorations, and preparations. The more you learn about both holidays, the more you can see their differences. Not only are they celebrated on different days, but they are celebrated in different ways by many different people.

The first difference between the two holidays are food. Food is a big/major factor within both holidays, which is one of their similarities. On the night of Halloween, you go from door to door in costume in hopes of getting different kinds of candies and treats. Popular candies that you may consume on halloween are ¨Reeseś peanut butter cups¨ which are small cups of peanut butter and
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Although certain practices or traditions vary between families, they both play a big role in the two holidays. For Halloween, there really isn´t a lot of preparation that comes along with it. You mostly just purchase a costume, set out your carved pumpkin, and buy your candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters. However, for Day of the Dead, there is a whole process that comes before celebrating. Families participating in the holiday set up an altar with many flores, velas, and calacas. Flowers, candles, and skeletons all are set up to help remember the deceased loved one that is being celebrated on Day of the Dead. There are sets of prayers and songs that are recited when remembering the loved one before everyone goes out and parties. As you can tell, there are many differences between the two holidays just from the events leading up to it.

In conclusion, there are many differences and similarities between the two holidays but these are the most detailed, descriptive, and key factors of the differences. The three differences being, the foods, decorations, and preparations involved in the
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