Day Of The Locust Analysis

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Comparison of the Day of the Locust by Nathaniel West While both the book and the film with the title, “The Day of the Locust” are both similar, they create different pictures. There are a few things in the book that changed in the movie, and they are all based on the scenes and the characters. The Hollywood scenes in the novel are almost illusionary. Nothing is what it seems. Nathaniel West starts with toying with his audiences’ expectations of reality where a movie scene is portrayed as if it was actually happening. The description is straightforward, and it is only when an assistant director shout, “Stage 9!” (59) That the reader realizes that the protagonist is watching an army of actors rather than a real army of soldiers. The book does a better job in portraying Hollywood as the place responsible for corrupting the minds of the ignorant. In the film, the Hollywood is shown as an industry that only cares about the image it presents, but not the effects it has on people. The characters are also portrayed differently in the film when compared to the book. For example, Adore Loomis is described as a normal child in the book while in the movie, he is shown more like a child from hell. The readers are informed that Tod knew the game that Adore was playing since he used to play it himself. The book helps the audience understand the point of…show more content…
In the book he was portrayed a tough character with a “formal” type of relationship with Faye when in the movie he was more like a neutral individual with a non formal kind of relationship with Faye. I think that most of the characters from the book were similar to the characters from the movie. In the movie they tried to simplify the story of “ The Day of the Locust” by summing the main scenes and creating a mix in the order of how the story was described; changing the life and the personality of certain
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