Day Of The Locust Book Report

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Day of the locust is a book that was written by Nathanael west, throughout this book you meet some interesting characters such as Homer Simpson the hotel bookkeeper, Faye Greener a seventeen-year-old aspiring actress or Tod Hackett the young newcomer in the film industry in Hollywood. Throughout the story, we get the chance to meet Tod Hatchet, as we know he was a young and aspiring costume designer who was been living in California for 3 months to take a set designing job with National Films in Hollywood after going to the Yale university of Fine Art. We all know about Hollywood or at least have seen what Hollywood is all about fame and fortune, celebrities, etc. But in the case of Tod and his Painting burning Los Angeles we see the other…show more content…
Through the center, winding from left to right, was a long hill street and down it, spilling into the middle foreground, came the mob carrying baseball bats and torches. They were marching behind a banner in a great united front of screwballs and screw boxes to purify the land. No longer bored, they sang and danced joyously in the red light of the flames. (184) In Tod description the painting we can see how he illustrate Faye Greener, the woman 17-year-old girl that Tod is attracted to but was hurt after he finds out she didn 't have any romantic intentions with him, she was the typical Hollywood female loved the attention and to be admired. he became bitter about the situation and his motivation to paint this picture of the city of Los Angeles burning is to symbolically show the fate of many people that go to Hollywood in the chase of their dream, Tod feels like “Hollywood is a city built on sex and greed and manipulation and every other sin”. He was going to show the city burning at high noon so that the flames would have to compete with the desert sun and thereby appear less fearful, more like bright
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