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You Don 't Need To Splurge For A Great Stay At Day Plus+ Hotel, Chiayi
Chiayi, a city about an hour and a half away from Taipei by the high speed rail, is best known as the access point of the scenic Alishan National Scenic Area. Instead of a quick transit at Chiayi to get to the famous Alishan, why not stop-over for a night or two to explore the historic city in southern Taiwan on a leisurely pace? With the relatively lower cost of living here, rest assured you will be able to enjoy your stay in comfort at Day Plus+ Hotel without burning a big hole in your wallet!
Central location with easy access to major modes of transportation
If you are getting to Chiayi via the high speed rail (or HSR in short), board the
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Even for visitors who drive into the city, it is easily accessible via the National Freeway No. 1 and 3. With easy access to major transportation network and close proximity to department stores, this is definitely a plus point for Day Plus+ Hotel!

A hotel designed to make you feel at home in Chiayi
Back in the 1980s to early 1990s, this building used to be the Yimei Opera House that brought fond memories to the older Chiayi generation with its entertaining performances. As the show business began to decline, the building became defunct until 2011 when Day Plus+ was officially opened. It was given a new life through the incorporation of local elements into the hotel décor so that it remains a true representative of Chiayi. Hence, upon stepping into the hotel, you will be able to see monochrome pictures of the locals and simple scenery drawings on its white walls, as well as plenty of wooden old-town furniture
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You will be pleased to know that Day Plus+ is conveniently located between 2 night markets in Chiayi – the Wenhua Road Night Market and the Carrefour Night Market. After a day of exploring the city’s cultural and nature attractions, you wouldn’t say no to good food, would you? So if you are staying 2 nights at Chiayi, you can visit both markets and have a feast. The Carrefour Night Market is said to have more interesting food to try while the Wenhua Road Night Market has more attractive retail shops to offer. Regardless, staying at Day Plus+ will allow you to have the best of both worlds and fully immerse in the unique local culture at night!

Explore Chiayi with Day Plus+ Hotel without feeling the pinch
With an accessible location close to amenities and attractions in the city, Day+ Hotel Chiayi is a great choice to book for your next trip to southern Taiwan. Experience the warmth of the hotel with its homely décor and friendly staff. From an affordable 64 USD per weekday night, you will be able to enjoy a great stay in this lovely hotel and explore the heritage-rich Chiayi at

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