Day Reporting Center Case Study

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The jail population in Rockingham County and Harrisonburg City has increased to the point where action needs to be taken. Operating sometimes at close to 200% of intended occupancy, studies have been conducted to project the costs of constructing a new jail facility. With this study came potential recommendations to alleviate overcrowding at the jail and to address some issues with the inmate population, particularly that of recidivism. It was noted that the inmate population is a ‘revolving door’ and that those incarcerated for a second or further time sometimes represents close to 90% of inmates. With these issues in mind, we were tasked with looking at the feasibility of a Day Reporting Center to help address these two prominent issues.
A Day Reporting Center in an intermediate sanction that would constitute mandatory attendance and provide treatment program options while allowing certain offenders to remain ingrained in their community without the stigma of incarceration. Allowing for the community
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With the costs to participate and complete a residential day reporting center program running up to nearly 25% less than traditional incarceration for the same time period, it can be seen that there are financial benefits to this type of alternative sentencing. Politically, using an alternative approach to incarceration shows that the government administration has a concern for all members of the community including those who are guilty of the criminal offense, the family members of those sentenced individuals, the local employers who would benefit from maintaining their workforce, as well as the taxpayers who would not have to support such a large expense for retribution, especially if recidivism rates can be significantly impacted through the program

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