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Should We Adopt The Four-Day School Week? Imagine only having to go to school four days a week, for some kids that 's a reality. Some topics I will be discussing in this paper are, where do students go on the Monday/Friday they have off, will the district save money with the extra day off, and how do kids perform in class with the extra day off? The four day school week is a relatively new idea that some schools are beginning to implement in rural areas. The shorter week can help the schools save money without the extra day to operate and have also demonstrated some unexpected positive changes like students performing better on tests, higher grades, and better behavior. The four-day school week has minimal flaws when compared to a five-day week; the only major flaw is who will supervise the students while they 're not in school. After conducting research, I believe the four-day school week should definitely be considered for implementation in urban areas. One concern is, how does the district shorten the school week by a day? Will the students receive the same education as a student who has the the five-day school week? "In districts where students are limited to four classroom days, the class period is simply extended by 60 to 90 minutes" (Lake). It 's shown that students receive the same education they simply have longer class periods to substitute the extra day. Another concern that 's commonly asked is, will students have time for extracurricular activities? "More

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