Day Speech: First Day Of Spring In Japan

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Good morning everyone. This morning Ikeda will make a morning speech.

In Japan, February 4 is the first day of spring in Japanese traditional calendar, but due to very strong cold wave, it is snowing heavily in the north part of Japan. Is everyone in Toyama Works alright? Also, the flu seems to be widespread not only in Japan but also in the world. We have to prevent it by washing hands, gargling and taking good nutrition and good rest.

In the capital region, on the 22nd of last month, it started to snow from noon, and the snow accumulation exceeded 20 cm even in central Tokyo. It was the first heavy snow in 4 years and it paralyzed urban transport infrastructure that was weak against snow. The snow brought great confusion: canceled flights, delayed trains, restricted admission at stations due to many left-behind passengers and blocked highways. Especially in the Yamate Tunnel of the Metropolitan Expressway, many cars were stuck up to the length of 10 km and couldn't move for 10 hours. I think there was a problem about crisis management. The road corporations didn't block the flow of traffic at the entrance although a truck could not move due to snow at the exit.
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4 years ago, I was stuck in the heavily crowded train for an hour because of heavy snow. For this reason, this time I checked train operation status by apps for smartphones provided by the railroad company. (Now we can see the train's running position.) In addition, I read train and station users' tweets on the Twitter and decided which route and station to go. So I was able to go home without big problems. In my case, there are several routes to go home. I reaffirmed how important it is to acquire new information and make judgments, in case any crisis

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