Daycare Argumentative Essay

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A daycare with high quality provides plenty of benefits for children. Daycare teaches children to learn, share, take turns, and prepare each child for onset task for school. Daycare helps children to ease separation anxiety, and get used to being around other people. To find an excellent high-quality daycare you will have to start with the basics. For instance trained caregivers, who are committed to the center; along with a clean play area. Daycare with high quality prefers low child/teacher ratios because it is better for teachers to respond to each child's needs. It also makes the parent feel safe leaving their child's care in another person care. Daycares with low ratios/teacher will create a strong bond between both the child and teacher.…show more content…
Daycare teaches children to become independent. Daycare motivates them to make new friends and communicate well with other children. Daycare teaches children how to share and take turns. Taking turn is the first step in sharing. Daycare motivates them to share by passing the object back and forth while saying "my turn, your turn." Daycare teaches children exceptional motor skills, social skills and connection skills to prepare the child for school. Daycare focuses on the importance of the relationships built through connections. The first and most grounded of any association is the safe relationship. In this kind of relationship, the child introduced to someone they can trust and feel safe around. The second type of connection comes through unsafe relationships. In risky bonds, the child may be more withdrawn. The child may feel as if relying on others is not as good as the feeling they want or receive on a regular basis. This type of connection is the lessor of the two because it causes the child to withdraw impacting skills such as communication, sharing and making friends. Having poor connection skills can be caused by some reasons and can also lead to behavior problems. When a child withdraws, they tend to shut down. Connections are a big important part of a child life. Daycare teaches children to develop and learns connection skills throughout life. It shows children to follow instruction. It teaches children to regard and
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