Work Environment Influence On Child Development

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Child Development Environment affects everyone greatly, it contributes to what makes someone who they are. Historically, humans have shown, they are able to adapt easily in any situation they are put in, more specifically children have the tendency to do things that they observe. “Set an example” is what most people hear while being around children because children do not know any better than to do what others do. Everyone mainly bases their decisions on what they see around themselves. The work environment influences an employee life, just like school would for a student, well, daycare is the same way for children, it contributes to a child's personality, morality, motives, and many more character aspects. Children can learn to be independent,…show more content…
Daycares are efficient, friendly and allow the child to learn many things that they would not otherwise, most child care facilities have specific regulations so the children receive the best attention and support they need from the staff. Daycares are a perfect way to help parents with their busy schedules and let kids have fun as well. The child will also create great friendships and learn how to communicate with children their age. This will be their foundation and preparation for their school years. All in all, taking your child to daycare will help the child academically and socially. These children who have these great opportunities available to them at daycare are future generations. Daycares have a constant and a stable, welcoming environment, where the kids can spend a lot of time at. The staff members easily create a great bond with the kids, which helps the children feel more comfortable. Home reared kids will be very comfortable at home with their loved ones, but they will not obtain the quality daycare kids will. The government definitely helps families get good quality daycare for their child. Daycare should be a significant factor in the decision making because kids will benefit from all the activities the children participate in. By admitting your child to a daycare facility you are ensuring the education skills that will impact their future. Children also learn…show more content…
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