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Introduction: I live in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan and I have many places where I could do an observation, places like schools, daycares, restaurants, coffee shops, mall etc. I choose to do my observation at a local licensed daycare on Friday, February 9th. The reason why I chose a daycare instead of something more public like the mall was because the profession I’m working towards works with small children so it would be more beneficial for me to learn from a daycare. Key to abbreviations: FD - Female Director FOF – Faculty One Female FTF – Faculty Two Female BO – Boy One BT – Boy Two GO – Girl One GT- Girl Two Observation: On Friday, February 9th I arrived at the daycare at 9:35 and was greeted by the FD. The FD introduced me to some of the faculty members FOF and FTF, FTF had given me a tour of the room that I would be observing. I observed a class room that had 13 children in total but the room was divided into two groups, group “A” had 6 children led by FTF and group “B” had 7 children led by FOF. The children were mixed boys and girls and had children that ranged in age from 2 to 4. Group A had the younger children while group B had the…show more content…
The snacks were chopped green apples and home-made granola bars. The children ate at the lunch table and talked to each other during snack. During this time the FTF tried to get BO to eat something but BO didn’t eat anything. The observation ended at 10:15 after the snack. I thanked the FTF for letting me observe her and we had a small talk, I then thanked the FD for letting me come in and observe. She asked me what I thought and I said I think everything was handled well in the classroom I told her about BO who had a tummy ache and didn’t want to eat snack and the FD told me that the mother said he hadn’t had a bowl movement for a few days. We continued to have a chat about my schooling and said our good

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