Daycare: Positive And Negative Effects On Children

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Daycare is when a parent or guardian takes their child to a facility for the day when there is no one else to look after their child, this is usually someone outside the child’s intermediate family. In recent years, many concerned parents wonder whether putting their child in daycare has more negative or more positive effects on their child’s development or well-being. Putting your child in daycare can have many positive outcomes. The mother and child bond is very important, and should never be corrupted. Many ask if daycare can actually ruin that bond, or does it have more positive effects that can disregard the negative effects. Although studies focus more on the bad things that can happen, they don’t necessarily pay attention to all the…show more content…
Going to daycare on a daily basis is helping the child adjust to a certain schedule and know what to do when it is the right time to do so. At a young age children have a fear of the “unknown” including everything from a weird looking food to a huge change in their life. If children are confronted with change daily it can be stressful but they will learn and grow even more. Going to daycare with certain routines, they will never be lost or not know what to do and this helps the child understand the concepts of having a schedule or routine for when they get older. Routines help a child cooperate, and know what to expect to what will happen next and not wonder the…show more content…
(Yvonne Matlosz, BabyCenter mom) agrees "We chose a daycare center so we didn't have to work around someone else's sick days and vacation," she says. Staff members are trained in while they are young so they would know what to expect and know what to do. According to (Huber) he states "They're not just playing all day," he says, "they're learning new things." Huber says he feels especially good about his decision to put Lindsay in a center when he sees the projects she does. "Many of the instructional projects are a good mix of left- and right-brain activities, usually made of simple objects like blocks or beans or vinyl letters for creativity, but presented in an organized, structured, and methodical way," he

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