Daycare Value Chain

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The preparation of planning value chain activities can take critical time. Since 1995, when the day care opened, the growth in Bussey Family Day Care (BFDC) and the Day Care industry has a rapid growth. This expansion is because of the post-recessionary recovery that has pushed to this growth. People need to work and find a place to enroll their child/children in. The rising costs of day cares indicates that the industry is in the mature phase of its life cycle. The concept of a company value chain is every company’s business consists of a collection of activities undertaken in the course of producing, marketing, delivering, and supporting its product or service (Thompson, 2016).
Continuous Improvement Performing Value Chain Activities There
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Each child is different and should not have to be treated like there is something wrong with them. Every child has a special skill and unique personality that shines with the employees. Many daycares work with children who have disabilities or special needs. A special primary focus has to be put on each child’s strengths and abilities. BFDC as to make modifications and adjustments to children with special needs by gathering as much information as one can about the child and the disability. Also, to learn about typical modification that can be made. There are services that are available for the focus on this value-creating activities. BFDC plans as a team, modify toys and equipment, make small changes in the daycare environment, and always look for strength as well as the needs of all…show more content…
There is always room for growth, but as the textbook states, “The foundation of a company’s corporate culture nearly always resides in its dedication to certain core values and the bar is set for ethical behavior” (2016, p. 346). By being a small daycare and being in business for almost 23 years, the core values are followed and demanded by every employee. The core values that BFDC need to ingrain more in their company’s culture is team work. Sometimes employees wants to stand out and not always stand as a team. The core values that BFDC ingrain in their company’s culture
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