Daycare Worker Case Study

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Introduction Growing up I always heard my mother jokingly say, “I’m a good daycare worker because I’m such a good mom, or maybe it’s the other way around.” My mother swore that the things that she learned from working at the daycare changed how she chose to raise her kids. From what I’ve heard of how my older brothers were raised, years before my mother was a daycare workers, she was right. This one case seemed to be true, but I wanted to explore how other people thought their occupations affected their parenting. How people should discipline their kids, or who should take care of them after school, or even how much time you should spend with them has been the focus of family sociology and politics for decades. These social scientists, however,…show more content…
During the interview, she states several times that the child was very “well-behaved,” and that her job as a co-parent was just to “blend in” because her husband “laid down the groundwork.” In this way, this case is unique because a parenting style was already established before she entering the family. She became part of the family, entering an ongoing process. When her son did have an issue, her, her husband, and her son’s would make “sure that the three of [them] were united as much as possible.” She describes several occasions when an issue arose that one parents may take lead over the others, but that all parents were present and…show more content…
My interviewee was uncomfortable at times talking about her family, so I wish I would have warmed up the conversation more by asking her more about her day-to-day experience with working with children. I also wish I would have asked about if she felt like she had a role as a parent to the kids in her classroom. I know from other conversations that she calls the children who she taught “her kids,” but I wonder if she would label that relationship as parent-child. If this were to be a larger scale project, I would have sub-categorized the questions as “career path, family description, parenting styles, work affecting parenting, and parenthood affecting work.” I think having categories with the freedom to jump around if the interviewee seems disinterested or disengaged from a category would have been

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