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Have you ever wondered who and what happened to D.B. Cooper? Is it possible for someone to stump the whole country including the FBI? Well someone figured out how to and his name is D.B. Cooper. In this paper, it will explain what happens to D.B. Cooper, but also what they say is his identity. I believe, after many weeks of research, that D.B. Cooper didn’t die and survived the hijacking. My two theories of D.B. Cooper’s case are that he survived the hijacking and secondly he died from the jump. My first theory is who is D.B. Cooper and how did he escape. Investigators think he is Kenneth Christiansen. The reason they think he was Kenneth Christiansen is that they both had the same briefcase. Also before D.B Cooper talked to the flight attendant…show more content…
Cooper died after making his getaway jumping from the 727 airplane on November 24, 1971. My second theory on D.B. Cooper is that he died after jumping from the plane. After this, when he survived, Kenneth Christiansen really wasn’t D.B. Cooper after all. People asked, “how someone jumping out of an airplane at 10,000 feet and going approximately 200 mph?” They also researched a case similar to this one. Richard McCoy also hijacked a 727 and requested half a million dollars. McCoy did something similar to D.B. Cooper and jumped 16,000 feet from the plane with a parachute on. This plane was also going around 200 mph like D.B. Cooper’s. McCoy survived the jump and they are thinking that if McCoy pulled the jump off, then D.B. Cooper could of also. They thought it was McCoy pulling another hijacking. They said, “He pulled it off once, he might think he can pull it off again. That thought was quickly eliminated because McCoy didn't match the physical description of D.B. Cooper. The FBI says, “He could have died and then animals ate him and that made he not be found.” If he died during the landing, his belongs and the money could have been moved elsewhere from just nature. The number of the flight DB Cooper was on is Flight 305. Flight 305 was a domestic flight and much of Kenny's experience with working with that airline was international. That would make Kenny stand out on that flight. On November 24, 1974, it was 7 below zero and there was a rainstorm…show more content…
My opinion is that D.B. Cooper survived the jump and got away with the hijacking and D.B. Cooper is Kenneth Christiansen. The reasons that I believe that D.B. Cooper is Kenneth Christiansen is because the FBI found places where he could have hid the money in his house, along with a picture of him holding a briefcase and a sack of something. Also, Kenneth deposited $180,000 into his savings account and $20,000 into his checking. Kenny only made $512 a month and that's a lot of money for someone who makes $512. The last time I checked people just don’t make 200,000 overnight unless you are a millionaire already. Another reason is that Kenny had training on the same parachutes that D.B. Cooper requested. Finally, the last reason is that they are the same height and build. I don’t think that is any

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