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It’s 1941, the smell is fowl, the scene is horrifying, and there’s fear circling in the air. There are thousands of innocent people here kept as prisoners. Forced to stay here and work because they are considered as Jews. They have been separated from their loved ones and they have the fear they may not be reunited. These poor people are fighting for survival and are barely alive. I walk my way into what is most famously known as Auschwitz concentration camp. As I enter the cruel gates I notice something at the top of the poles. Arbeit macht frei sits upon the gates of Auschwitz, “work sets you free”. As I start making my way farther into the camp I automatically notice the awful smell. It was not no ordinary bad smell; it was the smell of burning bodies. The smell was so horrendous to the point where you get this burning sensation. It’s crazy to think how all of these people stand this smell. By now it has been about five minutes since I walked through the gates of Auschwitz. There isn’t much to be seen so far besides tons of brick buildings and men that work there. The burning smell is still present, and seems to be getting stronger the closer I go. A lot…show more content…
The man takes them to this building where a bunch more workers are standing around. One of the guard’s yell “take off your clothes” to all of the prisoners, and they seem to listen to him. Now all I see is a bunch of naked skin and bones panicking to one another. Next thing you know the men start shoving them into this room. This room looks cold and empty. The man slams the door shut as the last body enters. Then, all I could hear were bloody screams, not the happy screams but the painful ones. I then knew what was really going on at this camp. I felt so much pain from what was happening to this innocent people. What did they do to deserve this unfair death? The smell of burning bodies was back, and I now know

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