Dbq American Revolution

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American Revolution began in 1775. There were lots of events, which led to the America revolution. Till 1763, everything was going in favor of England. Majority of the Americas were in favor of British rule, and they were big supporter. They use to treat parliament and queen of England with full respect. Things begin to change around 1760s, when British parliament passed series of laws without the consultation of American people. The one such law in this series was Stamp act. The Stamp act was passed in 1765. Americans found this tax to be unconstitutional and disturbing because they believed that no freeman could be forced to pay the tax without his permission. Even Benjamin Franklin personally requested the British parliament to relook the…show more content…
Stamp act forced the Americas to defy the laws made by the British parliament. As a result of this act, the respect of Americans towards British parliament reduced to great extend. The Americas begins think of alternative to British parliament. Till 1965, America was divided among various small states. There was no coordination between these states. The people of every state were divided on the issue of opposing the British rule. To provide momentum and strength to the war of independence, Pennsylvania lawyer and legislator John Dickinson wrote a series of essays under the name "A Farmer" from 1767 to 1768. In these essays Dickinson urged the people to unite in opposition to the British rule. The twelve letters were widely read and reprinted throughout the thirteen colonies and were important in uniting the colonists against the Townshend Acts. In these letters, he explained that the main motive of the British parliament to pass the Townshend Acts was to raise revenue, rather than regulating trade. There is no doubt that John Dickinson succeeded in uniting the large number of people against British rule but he failed to convince the blacks against British rule. At that time, majority of the blacks were living the life of slaves. On 20 April 1773, four slaves in Boston send the petition to the legislature urging that they be set free so that they could return to the Africa. Unfortunately,…show more content…
They people were wealthy. They were capable of financing armies. In 1775, they decided to fight last war with the British armies for independence. But, this was not possible without the support from the common people. There was no doubt that, common man was not happy with the British rule but still they were not favor of arms rebellion against British rule. They were very well confused. During that time, Thomas Paine came with a pamphlet known as Common sense. This pamphlet played a very important role in motivating people against the rule of Great Britain. In this pamphlet, Thomas Paine explained the advantages of independence. He convinced the people that ones America get independence then all the citizens of the country will get change to elect their government. Addition to this, new government will also take back all the controversial laws imposed by the British government. It will remove all the trade restriction from the Americans. According to Thomas Paine, it was nonsensical for an island to rule a continent. Like other people, he also explained the citizens of the America that England only wants to increase their revenue and they have nothing to do with the welfare of the
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