Dbq Ancient Civilizations

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The ancient civilization of China gave us the paper we use today and spread many ideas throughout Asia. Although the Egyptians first invented the papyrus paper, it was the Chinese who first made paper out of trees, the paper we use today. They found this paper to be much easier to make. However, China did not make most of their income off of the new paper product; China obtained their wealth by selling silk. China is the only place where silkworms can be found naturally. China traded their scarce product all throughout Asia via a route known as the Silk Road. This route was widely used by many other people as well; this led to cultural diffusion, the spread of ideas among different people. Document six states, “Cultural diffusion led to advances in many societies throughout the world.” China traded their new inventions throughout Asia and gained wealth but, China gave the people across Asia something in return, a chance to learn, grow, and prosper.…show more content…
However, they all had one thing in common; they all positively impacted our future. All of these civilizations contributed to present day in one way, shape, or form. Some of them contributed in actual products that are still in use today and, some of the other civilizations contributed with knowledge and wisdom. Without these civilizations there would not be a written language, math, cotton, or paper. It is clear that without Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indus River Valley, and China that our daily lives would be very different from what they currently
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