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Difficulties in settling in Charles Town (Charleston) Have you ever moved? Or have you even tried to settle in another place?It’s very difficult, Do you know why? Back then spanish explorers were the first europeans to settle the coastal region on the Carolina coast in 1521 this explore name Francisco Gordillo said to the carolina coast from the spanish fort Santo Danto charles town.Anchored in winyah bay near present day capturing natives selling them into slavery in the caribbean.

Document B States that the land of South Carolina for miles back is flat and woody intersected with many large river lands have been cleared by indians and remain just as the indians like them natives american
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Charles Town Under the Lords Proprietors' Rule (1670-1729):
The first ship to land in Charles Town was the Carolina, which landed in April of 1670. It was followed shortly by the Albemarle and the Port Royal. These three ships had left England with 150 people on board; 2 died enroute. Among the passengers on the Carolina was William Sayle, the first governor of Charles Town.
The original destination for the ships was Port Royal. The Kiawah Indians in that area convinced the settlers that Charles Towne was a better choice for farming,
The Carolina reached land and anchored at Sewee Bay/Bull's Island on March 17; Port Royal about March 21 and stayed 2 days; then to St. Helena; then to Kiawah, Ashley River, arriving early in April.
The five commoners of the first Executive Council, Joseph Dalton, R. Donne, Ra. Marshall, Paul Smyth, and S. West ,were elected while they were anchored at St.
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