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Christianity and Islam were two very different religions, both of these religions had a different belief systems and the way they lived was different due to their beliefs. But they did have some similarities, such as both being monotheistic, believing in prophets and were both found from the Jewish faith. In addition, both of these religions were very dominant and grew a lot throughout each century; have been the world’s greatest religions for hundreds of years. The religions established their own ways toward commerce and trading. Christians had their own negative beliefs as to why merchants weren’t as valuable; Muslims had positive points toward trade because Muhammad, their founder was a wealthy merchant. From the origin of Christian and Islamic religion to about 1500 C.E., these two religions had differentiations and similar point of views at one point toward merchants and trade, but as time flew Christians started to think more positively towards trade…show more content…
Christians believed that trade was sinful because it caused people to want more materials. The merchants were affected by trade by leading them to becoming wealthy. Once they start getting used to having luxury goods, they will want more, and then that will lead to richness and valuable possessions that they will keep to themselves; if they become merchants, then they won’t be able to go into the kingdom of heaven (Doc 1). However, Muslims did allow trading, but it had to be fair, or they will not go to heaven; they supported it and commerce was practiced by many. The Qur’an gave rules on trade, and if truth was spoken on value of items when trading, then a merchant's transactions will be approved to go into heaven (Doc 2). ADD OUTSIDE INFO ON ISLAM. As St. Godric followed Christianity, he learned to give to the poor; this shows how Christians didn’t think about wealth as much in order to define themselves (Doc

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