Dbq Columbian Exchange

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America’s discovery and the formation of Triangular Trade between Europe, Africa, and the Americas drove many new advancements in technology and economics. For example, inflation caused the capitalism’s popularity to rise, new goods were discovered, and European empires thrived. As the Europeans discovered, the Americas contained many resources such as silver, gold, spices, and other valuable goods that were sold to make a surplus of profit. Later on, such resources were farmed using African American slave labor. Quote A exemplifies the benefits for many upper class Europeans and American slave owners. A.S. writes, “One of the principal effects of those discoveries has been to raise the trading system to a degree of splendour and glory.” The…show more content…
The gap between the rich and the poor widened and not everyone prospered. Many people were taken advantage of and maltreated, including particularly Native Americans and African Americans. European Conquistadors conquered Native Americans and their territory and in the process committed genocide. Roughly ninety percent of the Native American population died due to the Europeans’ arrival. If they were not killed, they would be bound to a contract such as the Requerimiento which blackmailed them into obeying the European rulers. In addition to the Native Americans, African Americans were maltreated. In 1619, African Americans began to be enslaved and brought by boat to the Americas. This inhuman treatment and enslavement did not end in America until 1865. Paragraph B does a thorough job of explaining the Columbian Exchange’s horrors and stating the facts. The advancements during the Columbian Exchange “depended on brute force, the colonial system and war. Capitalism came into the world dripping from head to foot, from every pore, with blood and dirt.” writes K.M. Although it states the drawbacks and foulness of the Columbian Exchange advancements it fails to note recognize the innovations and progress created by
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