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All children have a fear of something; spiders, snakes, even unknown monsters. In William Golding’s Lord of The Flies, a group of English boys are stranded on a deserted island with no adults. Being such young boys, they start to become afraid of a beast. But the big question is, what is the beast in Lord of The Flies? Is it the War that is happening when the boys plane crashed? Could it possibly just be the fears that the individual boys have? Or is it the darkness in each of their hearts?

Therefore, in Lord of The Flies, is the beast just fear? Do the boys just imagine their worst fears because they are scared? Think about it, little boys stranded on an island with no one there to comfort them, for their nightmares are coming to life. Evidence in Doc. A, states that “They eternalize these fears into the figure of a ‘beast.’” Meaning, the boy’s are imagining their worst fears since they have no one there to comfort them. Another example of these fears coming to life is in Doc. B, “"Tell us about the snake thing.""Now he’s
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In William Golding’s early life, he was a bully, who liked to inflict pain on others. A school teacher, who taught young boys much like the boys in Lord of The Flies. Including being a solider in World War ll. In Doc. C, it reads “The war produced and notable effect on me. It scared me stiff.” - William Golding talking about his experiences in the war. Like wise, the War that Golding had to fight through influenced the book, Lord of The Flies. Further confirmation in Doc. D where “A sign came down from the world of grown-ups, though at the time there was no child awake to read it.”- a sentence from Lord of The Flies. This information is explaining that a pilot from the war, was shot down and is further mistaken to be the ‘beast’. Now, this war that is happening caused the boys plane to crash, sent them a beast from the skies, and is the whole reason the boys are in this situation in the first
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